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Timothy Sykes känner alla igen från första säsongen av Wall Street Warriors.

Kille driver numera egen trading, säljer utbildningar, har hemsida mm. Har bl.a. tidigare sett en av hans DVD:s där han pratar om hur han tradar småaktier.

Anyway, såg att han hade ett inlägg där han hade skrivit ner massa riklinjer kring sin trading som jag tycker är värd att dela:

1. TIM Lesson: You can’t try to fit trades into your schedule; if you know you’re going to be away from the computer for part or all of the trading day, exit all positions ahead of time.

2. TIM Lesson: Friday short covering, breakout and momentum buying all mixed together are a recipe for higher stock prices.

3. TIM lesson: Trading is all about the survival of the fittest; you form an opinion, stick to it as long as it proves profitable / correct and then reverse or move on to the next play (or prey).

4. TIM Lesson: When watching a potential short, always check with your broker ahead of time to make sure you can borrow shares to short

5. TIM Lesson: Memorize SOLF’s intraday chart today in addition to its weekly chart pattern—this is the main pattern that has helped me make $1+ million through Short Selling, it doesn’t matter the company, they all have some unique story, but 99% of them never do much more…EVER. The key is Short Sellinginto strength, but only when that strength looks to be fading intraday/overnight.

6. TIM Lesson: If you want to maximize your profits, don’t schedule anything during market hours!

7. TIM Lesson: Never trade when a lack of sleep forces you into a zombie-like existence.

8. TIM Lesson: Know Thyself!

9. TIM Lesson for Corporate Management: Hey, idiots, when you’re a publicly traded company, your long term vision, short-term profit sacrifice blah blah doesn’t matter! You build your business into a profitable machine, so your shareholders will be happy and won’t get rid of you.
TIM Lessons for Investors: Never buy into any company’s story, buy into a stock’s performance. When you buy into a stock and it doesn’t perform, you get out—there’s plenty of other stocks out there that are performing NOW.

10. TIM Lesson: A company could have the best news/story in the world, but if nobody notices (as evidenced by a surge in trading volume and stock price) then it’s irrelevant. Act upon market reactions, not upon your reactions to the market.

11. TIM Lesson: Never underestimate the power of optimism in the stock market, as misguided as it usually is

12. TIM Lesson: Never try to force profits just to reward yourself for being correct in your thinking. There will be many times when you’re correct in your thinking, but wrong in your trading. Accept it; don’t resort to wild trading as that’s how losses are created.


5 Responses to “94 tradinglessons”

  1. MeandMrMarket skriver:

    Känns lite som pyramid-spel det han håller på med, hitta falska spam promotade bolag som han sedan ger ut rekar till sina medlemmar.. han agerar då först alltså meningen: ”if you’re out camping and gets attacked by a bear you don’t have to be the fastes runner, only faster then the slowest camper”

    missa inte ikväll,:

    mvh d

  2. MeandMrMarket skriver:

    aa, håller med.. tror jag kollat alla hans intervjuer han säger verkligen exakt vad han tycker och tänker, riktigt kul att han vågar göra det alla säger är omöjligt.

    mvh d

  3. BWA skriver:

    Må den starkaste överleva. Det är så det funkar!

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